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Unparalleled access to automotive data

Locator Technologies specializes in helping automotive lenders and dealers control costs with unparalleled access to automotive lien and law enforcement information. This helps our clients prevent theft and fraud.

access to automotive data
Accurate vehicle information

Accurate vehicle information

We help lenders, car dealers and insurers with the latest vehicle location and condition information so they can recover vehicles more efficiently, or determine when to stop spending money for vehicles that are unrecoverable.

Quickly identify legal owners and insurers

With tools like our electronic notification initiative, combined with years of experience in law enforcement, we provide our clients with an efficient and effective way to identify and contact a vehicle’s legal owner or insurance provider.

identify legal owners and insurers
Complete vehicle database

Complete vehicle database

We use DataOne Software to provide accurate vehicle information.

Nlets Law Enforcement Partnership

Locator has partnered with Nlets to share information with law enforcement agencies around the country.

Nlets Law Enforcement Partnership
Success Stories

Locator’s loss control tools have made a big difference for us. This is one of the most important tools I use on a daily basis.
- Avi, from Access Finance

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